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Getting on QVC!

How do I get on QVC? This is the most frequently asked question I get from everyone, everyday.

My answer! Pray, hire a good agent and make sure you and the product are ready. Being a QVC vendor for over 8 years now, I see new products come and go every day. The things that I hear from the buyers, and the QA department, is “Great product, it is just not ready for us yet.”

Here are the main reasons you do not get on QVC:

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1) Product does not fit QVC demographics

2) Manufacturing is not completed

3) Pricing is not right

4) You submitted via:  QVC product search, or over the internet…….

A few statistics for you-

  • QVC gets over 2000 submission forms daily for new product reviews
  • 3% of them get a first airing
  • 1/2 % of that get a subsequent airing

Hints for success-

  • Be read
  • Know QVC demographics (visit their web page for info)
  • Get your manufacturing ready to go
  • Pricing is KEY
  • Get a good agent

See what you’re dealing with. QVC is a BIG BOY; know their game and you will do great!

Stay tuned for more tips on the world’s largest retailer QVC!

I wish you much success…..


Kim Babjak

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