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Facebook Vanity Username…Get Yours June 13th 12:01am!

Just wanted to send a quick reminder to everyone regarding the use of vanity usernames on Facebook.  As of June 13th at 12:01am EDT you will be able to create a vanity username for your Facebook profile or fan page.

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This is TERRIFIC NEWS and will undoubtedly help with SEO ranking, name recognition, and overall ease of use.  Instead of printing on your business cards to promote your social media presence on Facebook, you will now have the opportunity to use  Much simpler!  This has been a popular request for Facebook connectors and I’m happy to see that the update is finally here.

The issue of name squatters has come up and Facebook is working hard to prevent any misuse.  To help businesses protect their trademarks, Facebook is allowing trademark holders to restrict use of their name by registering their requests here .  If you don’t have your registration handy, just search for the number.

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For more information read the Facebook Blog entry here

Make sure you mark your calendars and I’d love to connect with you on Facebook while you’re there!  Join me here Glamajama.

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