Welcome to the New StartupNation

Welcome to the New StartupNation

We’re proud to be able to offer our fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners what we believe is the finest content available relating to your goal of starting and growing a successful business.

Our goal with has been, and will always be, to deliver the highest possible value we can to our community of users toward the goal of starting or growing one’s business.

As we set out to develop the new StartupNation, several key tenets guided us, some of the most important of which include the following:

  1. StartupNation content must be highly valuable, useful, and practical and must be presented in a manner that is efficient and concise.
  2. StartupNation content must come from entrepreneurs who live and breathe the same real world challenges that all entrepreneurs face, not from journalists who, while with all good intention, just can’t provide the same level of in-the-trenches know-how that a fellow entrepreneur can.
  3. We pledge to be available to you to address any issues you may have and to provide assistance and guidance to you in a highly personal manner. This isn’t just a “job” for us – it’s a way of life – a true passion that permeates all that we do as business owners and as people. We believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship for individuals and for society at large, and we want our reach to be as deep and as broad as it can possibly be.
  4. We want the experience of visiting to be just that – an experience. While we treat the subject matter seriously, we also want all of you to enjoy the journey of starting or growing a business just like we do. So we care greatly about your time spent on our site to be not only educational and empowering but also enjoyable and maybe even entertaining. Certainly we want to create a feeling of community – where you can connect with and communicate with other entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges and hoping for the same realization of dreams that you are.

It is our sincere hope that these attributes are realized and that you do indeed find that the new and improved to reflects these guiding tenets in all of its manifestation.

A key change in your experience will be that while we will continue to provide much of our content on a basis that is free to our community of users, we will also be providing a membership based section of our site with premium content, tools, and resources that are intended to address the most serious and dedicated of you in your quest to reach your own personal entrepreneurial goals. You will find this subscription based premium membership to be highly affordable with value way beyond the minimal monthly subscription fee. If you are ever dissatisfied for whatever reason, you have my personal pledge to cancel your membership promptly and even refund your paid fees. I am confident however that you will be more than pleased given our focus and dedication of providing the most high value and useable content you can find anywhere on the subject.

I am so proud of what the StartupNation team has achieved with the new, and I look forward to our site playing a major role in the pursuit of your goals and aspirations as you embark on starting or growing your business. I pledge to read each and every email sent to me by our community of users, so please do not hesitate to reach me directly at any time, whether to ask a question, make a suggestion on ways we can improve our site, to share your triumphs or even your challenges….or to just say hello.

Wish you all great success….

Best regards,


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