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What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From My Dog

It’s amazing where–and from whom–you pick up lessons about running your own business. I found one today just by watching our dog, Beauregard. Since entrepreneurs normally love what they do, they may find it hard to charge other people for their abilities and services. Our dog has no problem with that. Beau believes everything is [...]

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The Axiom of Value

For the past century, traditional advertising was all about grabbing the customer’s attention. The flashier the advertisement, the better. Advertisers created flashy billboards and catchy jingles so their product would stay in our memories. But with current technologies like TiVo and DVR, we’re less likely to pay attention to a ton of advertisements. How have [...]

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You Really Do Get What You Pay For

Well, another week comes to an end. It seems this one was faster than ever. Monday seemed to butt up against Friday with nothing in between. Where did it go? One reason it went so fast is that we were on the road again, and one of the interesting stops was NYC where we taped [...]

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