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Do you ever ditch your smart phone?

As a mom and entrepreneur, I straddle my time between 2 different departments for lack of a better explanation.  I have my business goals, obligations, and deadlines/timelines, BUT I also have a responsibility to my family. Most importantly, I need to make it a priority to enjoy real-time with my sons.  I am not who [...]

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Time Off

Plain old hard work is a huge component of any successful startup. Sure, great ideas and great people matter as well. But without hard work, and lots of it, success will probably prove elusive. I heard famed management guru Tom Peters speak last week, and he said the same thing: if you want to be [...]

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Need a Vacation? Tell Us Why and You Could Win One

Yep – it’s true. All you gotta do is convince us. Do you consider yourself to be persuasive? Someone who is able to make your point succinctly and in such a compelling manner that you simply cannot be refused? Here’s your chance to show off this special ability, and you could win a vacation! During [...]

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Does the mere idea of taking vacation freak you out? I am a one-woman show in my business. With the exception of some computer and clerical stuff, I do everything myself. So, when I go away for a week, there is no one here to take messages, no one to deal with the problems that [...]

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