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Use Social Media to Build Buzz for Your Business

Social media has changed the face of marketing forever. What was once a one-way message pushed from the company to the consumer has become a two-way conversation, requiring both parties to participate. Now your customers have a voice in the marketplace and their voices are loud and clear. One study showed that an unhappy customer [...]

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50 of the Best Twitter Applications and Resources For Small Business Owners

1. Twellow: http://www.twellow.com

2. Tweepz: http://www.tweepz.com

3. Nearby Tweets: http://nearbytweets.com

4. GeoFollow: http://geofollow.com

5. Streetmavens: http://usa.streetmavens.com

6. Twitter Grader: http://twitter.grader.com/location

7. Journalist Tweets: http://journalisttweets.com

8. Media on Twitter: http://www.mediaontwitter.com

9. Muck Rack: http://www.muckrack.com

10. Listorius: http://listorious.com

11. Twitter advanced search: http://search.twitter.com/advanced

Manage Twitter:

12. Journalist Tweets: http://journalisttweets.com

13. Media on Twitter: http://www.mediaontwitter.com

Manage Twitter on Your Computer:


14. Tweet Deck: http://tweetdeck.com

15. Seesmic Desktop: http://seesmic.com/seesmic_desktop

16. HooteSuite:http://hootsuite.com


17. Nambu: http://www.nambu.com

18. Tweetie: http://www.atebits.com/tweetie-mac

Manage Twitter on Your Mobile Phone:


19. OpenBeak: http://www.orangatame.com/products/openbeak

20. Tiny Twitter: http://www.tinytwitter.com


21. HootSuite: http://hootsuite.com/android

22. TwitDroid: http://twidroid.com

23. NanoTweeter: http://code.google.com/p/nanotweeter


24. Twitter for iPhone: http://www.itunes.com

25. Echophone: http://www.echofon.com/twitter/iphone

Automate Twitter:

26. CoTweet: http://cotweet.com

27. HootSuite: http://www.hootesuite.com

28. Twuffer: http://www.twuffer.com

29. Social Oomph: http://www.socialoomph.com

30. Ping.fm: http://ping.fm

Personalize Your Twitter Background:

31. TwitrBackgrounds: http://www.twitrbackgrounds.com

32. Twitrounds: http://twitrounds.com

33. TwitBacks: http://www.twitbacks.com

Market Your Small Biz with Twitter Applications:

34. TwitHawk: http://www.twithawk.com

35. Easy Tweets: Promote your biz: https://easytweets.com

36. Twitjump: Monitor your brand: http://www.twitjump.com

37. Listorius: Find the top lists to follow: http://listorious.com

38. OneForty: Best Twitter applications: http://oneforty.com

39. Twt Apps: Applications especially for businesses: http://twtapps.com

Just for Fun!

40. Twittersheep: http://twittersheep.com

41. Playtwivia: http://twitter.com/playtwivia

42. Tweetbomb: http://twitter.com/tweetbomb

43. Twittearth: http://twittearth.com

44. Tweet Cloud: http://tweetcloud.com/

45. My Tweet Cloud:

46. Twitter Grader: http://twitter.grader.com

47. 12 Seconds.TV: http://12seconds.tv/home

Twitter Tips and How To’s

48. 100 Twitter Tips eBook, by Dan Hollings:

49. Twitter Power 2.0, by Joel Comm (book)

50. Mashable.com

Wendy Kenney is a nationally known Buzz Building Expert and the Founder and CEO of 23 Kazoos, a marketing firm specializing in inexpensive and creative small business marketing strategies.  She has honed her marketing skills through over 26 years of entrepreneurship and business management.

Wendy just released her new book called “How to Build Buzz for Your Biz- Tap into the Power of Social Media, Publicity and Relationship Marketing to Grow Your Business” based on her knowledge of what works and what does not work in small business marketing.  This book features practical and low cost marketing strategies, such as “How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media,” as well as valuable links, resources, and tips.

Wendy frequently speaks to organizations about marketing for small business.  To get more information or to schedule Wendy to speak go to:  Business Marketing Speaker

Claim your free download (no email necessary) on Wendy’s website:  23 Kazoos

How to Build Buzz for your Biz:  23 Creative and Inexpensive Marketing Strategies That Will Get You Noticed

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I didn’t like Twitter at first. I thought it was random, and stupid, and a waste of time, and so right after I first signed up I deleted my account. But after a while I kept hearing the testimonials from people who loved Twitter and so I thought I would give it another shot. I’m [...]

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Why Dell Beats the Hell Out of Threadless

First, they correctly targeted their customer and simply provided them with useful information.  Next, they implemented systems to monitor, measure, and manage customer service interactions.
(Great tips for handling customer service here.) These are great starting points and should serve as the foundation for any small business looking to incorporate social media in their marketing efforts.

While those are great steps for getting started in social media, it’s important that companies don’t stop there.  The real key to your success lies in your ability to actively engage that target demographic.  I urge you to roll up your sleeves a little and try some new strategies this year to finally get some ROI from social media.  To get you started, I’ve brainstormed a couple ideas below.

  • Include a playful and creative flyer in outgoing packages encouraging participation and possibly offering a reward… “Be a sweetie! (attach some candy to the card) Post a pic of you wearing this t-shirt on our Fan Page and we’ll send you a $5 gift card.”
  • Create a survey on Facebook or poll on Twitter (twtpoll) asking “friends” to vote on which new products to sell/create…the winning product will be offered to survey participants first, and at a discount. (See how Modcloth does this here)
  • Track down recent customers on Facebook and “friend” them with your companies Facebook page (who doesn’t want more “friends”?)
  • Spend money to make money…hire a Community Manager that will actually have the time to effectively target and engage new customers and strengthen your online branding. (Not sure what a Community Manager does? Read this by Chris Brogan.)

I truly believe social media is the future for small business marketing and I hope you can find at least one of these ideas helpful in your efforts to engage online.  Always be on the lookout for innovative new ideas to reach your customers and don’t be shy.  A sincere, heartfelt, and playful “hello” to your customers will be appreciated more times than not.  Just make sure you have the infrastructure in place to monitor, measure, and manage all those new customer interactions.

Need help with your social media campaign? Contact me directly here!

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I apologize for the outlandish headline, but I don’t really think it’s any more outlandish than crowning Threadless as the sales guru of Twitter.  I’m sure you’ve read some recent press in the media bragging about Threadless being the company to emulate when it comes to monetizing on Twitter. (Read one article from Inc here) [...]

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The Death of Twitter. (and the Birth of Twitter for Business)

So what does this mean for small business?

If you haven’t jumped in on the social media bandwagon yet, now is the time.  Customers and clients are using their blogs, tweets, facebook status updates, and more to talk about your brand.  (Don’t believe me? Watch this.) With the birth of social search, these conversations will now be mainstream for all of Google to see.  In other words, your customers will directly effect your Google search rankings.

Will Twitter be more business friendly in 2010?

Absolutely. Their real-time search collaboration is a big step in the right direction and Twitter isn’t stopping there. It has also launched a “Contributors” function (invitation only for now) which allows companies to have several authors send tweets under the same company profile. It is rumored that this may be one of the many new features in a “business class” Twitter account. These accounts would be part of an anticipated paid model launch in 2010. Also highly anticipated is the new emphasis on GeoAPI which will allow tweets to be seen with geo-location information. (Click here to read more.)

So what should you do?

Take advantage of this new opportunity to leverage social media in your favor by developing a listening strategy (read my post here for a how to), ensuring that your current web collateral can easily be shared socially (use AddThis or ShareThis buttons), and abandon spamming your marketing messages via your social networks in favor of developing mutually beneficial online relationships with key influencers in your industry.

Share your thoughts below in the comments! Are you using Twitter for Business?

Need help with your social media campaign? Contact me directly here!

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I wouldn’t encourage the naysayers to start chanting “the wicked witch is dead” just yet, but there has been a definite decline in Twitter users. According to the latest research from eMarketer, Twitter posted a decline in users from 23 million to 20 million. How is this possible you ask? Easy. The honeymoon is over [...]

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Get Real. Get Real-Time, That Is.

Ready or not, Google is turning real-time. In the past week, Google has started including real-time listings on the first page of its results. The initiative is appropriately called “Real-Time Search.” So, instead of just listing articles, images, videos, blog postings, etc. in its results, Google is now incorporating a list of rotating items from [...]

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5 Content Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You want more traffic coming to your website, right? If you already create some type of content for your business, you should try these 5 content strategies to generate more qualified traffic to your site: 1. Target the Weekends The weekends experience a slowdown in business marketing content. Take advantage of the decreased competition by [...]

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