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Protect Your Cookies This Holiday Season

ID theft continues to be a major problem. And since many us will be shopping online this holiday season, I caught up with the CEO of MAXA Research International, Inc., www.maxa.com, Manfred Rolle, to get his insights. Here’s what he had to say about ID protection and publicizing his new product… Tell us about the [...]

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Why We Had Kids… For Social Networking Help

I guess my husband and I always had in the back of our heads that we would have kids, so that when we were old and grey we would have someone to push around our wheelchairs, or at least extricate our Rascal scooters when they get hopelessly wedged between oddly out-of-date pieces of furniture. I also had [...]

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Anyone Else Have That Synching Feeling?

I have a rule: the number of things you have to do will increase in an exponential proportion to the number of gadgets, whizmos, and whatchee-macallits you own. The corollary, no matter how many gadgets, whizmos, and whatchee-macallits you have, none of them will ever synch up together. I used to keep mental notes. Then [...]

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