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3 Telling Signs to Hire the Right, IT Team Members

Do you know what to look for? You just went through a mound of résumés, searched the Internet and have reduced your list of IT candidates down to a reasonable amount. Now, the fun really begins with in-person interviews. And if you are new to hiring technology people, or just want to make sure you [...]

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How to Pick the Right Technology

Get what you really need to succeed If I didn’t have spam filters in place, I would be inundated with e-mail messages about the latest technology tools, software and services. It’s bad enough as it is with phone calls and snail mail. How about you? Are you overwhelmed with tech information that will supposedly solve [...]

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Technicians, Move Ahead in Your Organization

Stop the Status Quo and Take Action Now! If you are a tech specialist and stuck behind your desk whenever the big, boardroom meetings happen, it may feel like your career is at a standstill and you are not taken seriously. If this sounds familiar, have you done anything to move out of your current [...]

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Have You Talked to Your Tech Team Lately?

Without open communications, your business days are numbered Welcome to my new blog. I’m Robert LeCount, the director of information technology at The Rich Dad Company, You’ve probably heard of it… it’s the financial education tech company based on Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling personal finance book of all time, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I love [...]

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Anyone Else Have That Synching Feeling?

I have a rule: the number of things you have to do will increase in an exponential proportion to the number of gadgets, whizmos, and whatchee-macallits you own. The corollary, no matter how many gadgets, whizmos, and whatchee-macallits you have, none of them will ever synch up together. I used to keep mental notes. Then [...]

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