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Loneliness on Fathers’ Day

Seth Godin and his readers have some great observations on loneliness. Happy Fathers Day to all! Please feel free to post comments here or to Seth directly. He has one of the most highly-visited blogs on the web. Andrew Field is President of, known by its thousands of happy customers as "America‘s Print Shop." [...]

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If you read the title and are still reading, you must have salespeople in your company. For all of us who interview, hire, train, coach, and manage salespeople, Seth Godin’s recent blog post reflects what I have thought for years. He doesn’t use the phrase "service heart mindset" but that is another way of looking [...]

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Coffee and Markets

The Brothers Sloan point out that Starbucks created a new market ($4 coffee) where before there was none. (Read their post.) Seth Godin has a great observation about picking a market for your startup company: bigger may be harder than smaller, even though large markets would seem to provide large opportunities. Read Seth’s post. Hey [...]

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Hot Off the Presses – Coffee Houses are Hot Business Ideas!

Read an article today from a well respected authority suggesting "hot businesses to start today"…. One of those "hot" ideas….."start a coffee shop". A what?!?! You’ve got to be kidding! With Starbucks and 10 other major brands on every corner in every community, how can that be a hot business idea? Starbucks has taken a [...]

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