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Invention of the Week #16: Rock, Paper, Skissors

This week’s featured invention is “Skissors”, invented by husband and wife Dawn and Bob Kenny. The Kenny team works with our invention commercialization partner, Invention Home, to help them find marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention. They created, developed, and patented their unique product to assist children with the task of learning how to use and properly hold scissors.   Skissors integrate finger covers over the holes in the [...]

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Scissor-runners are cut out to start a small business

My bride-to-be Suzanne coined a phrase at a congratulatory dinner we were having last evening at our favorite Italian restaurant “joint”. She called herself a scissor-runner. There’s no question about it. She’s bright, intelligent, beautiful and does not like rules. It’s not that she especially wants to make her own rules, she just doesn’t like [...]

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