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Get PR Results – Not Rip-Offs

“I just paid a small fortune to a big, PR agency and have nothing to show for it!”   “We hired a freelance copywriter, and he took our money and ran.”   “I paid a lot of money for media placements. Isn’t that how it works?”   Yes, folks. These are just some of the [...]

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Interview Two with Jared Tanner,

On Tuesday, Jared Tanner, the vice president of marketing at, shared his suggestions about successful PR efforts. Here is the rest of that discussion: What advice do you have for small business owners who are looking for a publicist? Look for one who is active, aggressive and who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  Many [...]

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The One Big Secret to Getting Press – And It Costs Nothing!

Are you overwhelmed with the latest technologies, social media sites, networking opportunities, and other products and services that promise to increase sales and awareness? As an entrepreneur like me, you are probably inundated with the latest products and services on a daily basis. (Ugh! I just received another three e-mails about the latest media-list services and upcoming [...]

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