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Partner: Beat The Economy Together

I wonder if products have the same experience people do, that when they meet their match, they feel like they are “home?” I’ll bet the product manager of this doosey has earned his bonus: Hillshire Farm ham and turkey + reusable Gladware = Green, Money Saving, The-Big-Corporation-Proves-It-Can-Still-Listen-To-Customers   What partnerships could you consider in your business? [...]

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Change of Scenery

I spent last week in Boston, Annapolis, and Washington, DC. While I dreaded spending an entire week out of the office — and not on vacation — it turns out it was time very well spent. Among other activities, I went to OnDemand, a major industry trade show. It was fascinating, and I met many [...]

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Who’s Your Partner?

No business is an island. But while we focus heavily on our customers and employees, we sometimes forget another key stakeholder: our vendors. An unfortunate discovery yesterday reminded me that it is our job to communicate our expectations to our vendors clearly and unambiguously, and their job to execute crisply. If we are sloppy in [...]

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