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Ginormous Changes Announced By eBay Today

Hi gang, Well,  eBay just got interesting again.  Last night, eBay allowed several media outlets to disclose all of the upcoming changes that eBay will be announcing today. There’s a lot,  and I don’t want to rehash it all – my job will be to break it all down for you. For some wierd reason,  [...]

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Is It Time For eBay To Break Up With…Itself?

Hi gang, So, I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while now.  Let’s say that you are eBay, and you recently realized that your core business idea, auctions, has a fad component to it.   By that, I mean that auctions were a very cool idea 10 years ago, but the novelty of them is [...]

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I’m A Stranger In My Own Land – Part II

Hi gang, (When we last left our travel Hero, he was happily blogging from a Seattle pier, looking out at the bay and enjoying himself.   Did he make it home? Let’s rejoin him….) “Waiter, I’d like a tequila sunrise please.” “Sure thing – can I see your ID ?” Blank stare. “You see, what happened [...]

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I Need A Vacation From My Vacation!

Hi gang, So how many of you said to yourself when you read that title, “He’s got kids”. Lol – you’ve got kids too, eh? For those of you without children,  read that title again when you do – you’ll get it. I just spent a wonderful 6 days in Wisconsin at a log cabin [...]

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