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How to Succeed in Pleasing Your Customers

Pleasing your customers is important to staying in business! We all know how hard it is to motivate your team when it comes to putting the customer first. You get excuses such as “I’m an introvert”, “I’m not a people person” or “No thanks”. However, talking to people, and treating them properly isn’t something that [...]

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Why I Tolerate Annoyance

On a recent trip to Breckenridge, Colorado I found myself standing at a three-way intersection that consumers often encounter when making a purchasing decision.  That intersection consists of price, convenience, and service.  We all prioritize a different factor in different situations.  On a quick lunch break, convenience may trump the other two but if I want to [...]

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How to Improve Customer Service with IT

Today, most businesses are using the Internet to compete on an international basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that technology is now a major part of the sales process, and more important, your customer-service activities. But you cannot provide top-level customer service with technology alone.

People are sick of dealing with call-centers, being on hold for a long time listening to lame music and trying to get their questions answered via online chat centers or from technicians who don’t know what they are talking about. With this in mind…

How well does your technology combine with the human touch?

If you want to provide excellent service to your customers around the clock, it’s essential to get your technology team working with your customer-service people. Here are a few questions to help you accomplish this:

1. Who’s on your team right now?

Start at the beginning. Make sure you have employees who care about your brand and want to learn as much as possible about your customers. Hire positive people who are willing to work with others to reach company goals. And if you already have some negative players on board, it’s time to talk to them about their attitude… or get rid of them fast. It only takes one bad egg to bring down an entire department, or company. (At Rich Dad, all of our new employees take the Kolbe Index so we know where they’ll exceed most in the company.)

2. Who does what?

Be sure your employees understand roles and responsibilities. If possible, write it down and distribute the information. This way, everyone will know who does what, and you’ll avoid unnecessary questions and conflicts about responsibilities.

3. Are you meeting regularly?

If your teams are not getting together on a regular basis, it’s time to schedule monthly meetings. Your tech people and your customer-service teams should feel comfortable working with each other and asking questions. By discussing issues, goals and ideas, you’ll be able to provide better, faster service. And more important, your employees will develop a level of trust and create better working relationships that will help the company culture as a whole.

4. What’s going on?

Once you have your technology and customer-service processes in place, be sure to monitor and analyze activities. What’s working and what isn’t? Get regular reports on results, issues, questions, comments, and more. Then, your teams can discuss this information at their monthly meetings to resolve issues before they become major problems and celebrate the activities that are working well.

5. Are you covered?

Today’s customers will look at your entire company. They will seek information online, via phone and in-person. Are you ready to help them?

Be sure to integrate all of your communications so that your team members provide the best service possible… no matter how customers approach your business.

6. What tools are you using?

Customer-service technology is constantly changing so make sure your team members are aware of the latest trends, software updates, viruses, and more. In addition, confirm that all of your technologies are up-to-date, backed up and in good working order. Customers don’t have a lot of patience, and it would be a shame to lose sales due to a Web page error, a bad e-mail process, privacy issues, or some other, technological glitch that could have been avoided.

Excel at Customer Service.

Providing the best customer-service process possible involves a combination of good technology and the human touch. Once you have the right people on your teams, open the lines of communication, monitor results and make changes as necessary.

By updating your customer-service processes regularly, you’ll improve employee relationships and create a more trusting and creative work-environment. But more important, you’ll be able to exceed at customer service and increase sales.

Robert LeCount is The Rich Dad Company’s Director of Information Technology. Based on Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” The Rich Dad Company uses innovative technology to offer a new way to think about money and investing. For more information, please write to Robert below or at


Today, most businesses are using the Internet to compete on an international basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that technology is now a major part of the sales process, and more important, your customer-service activities. But you cannot provide top-level customer service with technology alone. People are sick of dealing [...]

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Tips to Help Make Your Customer Service Top Notch

Customer service can be a touch situation for many people. Usually when people call these numbers it is because they either have a problem that needs fixed, they are angry or both. Having quality representatives who can handle varied situations can really make the difference. Less Reps Quantity isn’t always quality—especially when it comes to [...]

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Are You Guilty of These 3 Web Sins?

Whether you are creating a new Web site or reviewing the one you already have, there are three key factors to keep in mind. Are you guilty of these three Web site sins? 1. Visitors can’t get the information they need. This is pretty obvious, but often overlooked. It can be enticing to use fancy videos, [...]

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Is Twitter Part of Your PR Activities?

Twitter,, is a great way to build buzz about your products and services. But if you are using it for media relations activities, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 1. Keep it professional. Although you want to reach out to followers on a personal level, keep it professional and provide valuable information. [...]

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Dell to Model Customer Service after PFL

OK, maybe I’m extrapolating a little with that headline. But it is nice to see that Dell is looking at going to a team system for improved customer service. We made that move five years ago, and our customers love it. Check out this article from Service Untitled, which is a great site for all [...]

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Is the customer always right?

This evening we received an email from an irate customer who had no reason to be. He was challenged when accessing one of our digital products, and closed the email off with "How much is YOUR time worth?" The insinuation was insulting, especially given the degree of customer service we had shown him prior to [...]

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The secret weapon of small business

It’s gotta be Customer Service. I could try to write a pithy blog with supportive documentation and research statistics to back up my hypothesis. I could quote successful entrepreneurs and point out entire businesses that have succeeded solely on the basis of customer service as the backbone of all that they do. Instead, let me [...]

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Business startup advice: Be attentive to your customer

Today is a special day for me. It’s exactly six weeks since my hip replacement surgery. At six weeks you’re allowed to do all kinds of things that you weren’t allowed to do after surgery. For instance, I’m allowed to lean forward while sitting in a chair. I can stop using a raised toilet seat. [...]

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A Dish To Pass

At this time of year, you might bake cookies, or make Aunty Betty’s Crab Dip to take to a gathering. I’ve been considering the significance of the dish we choose to pass. When you taste something really good, you remember who brought it. You might even ask for the recipe. Back to business: What you [...]

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