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Tools to Start a Small Business

When you work for yourself, the right tools can help you save time and money. Aside from the obvious tools: a computer with plenty of memory, a space-saving All-in-One (link to Brother), shredder and other tools mentioned on Startup Nation, there are other not-so-obvious tools that can help you start and grow a business. Reliable [...]

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The cell phone is in the cheese drawer

Having trouble keeping up? Can't remember if that important meeting was happening this week? Or was it next week? Sleepless laying in bed at night, roiling over the 14 other things you were supposed to finish but didn't? Then you'll appreciate what happened to me this morning. Woke at 6a. Bleary. Rose. Dressed for a [...]

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Loving my cell phone leads to startup business ideas

A StartupNation community member recently asked “What’s your favorite office supply?” on the community forum. At first glance it seemed like a very silly question & even a sillier topic for discussion. But the question has stuck with me for a few weeks and I really thought about it as I bought a new cell [...]

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Dropped Cell Phone Call

We had a great radio show this weekend filled with coaching and stories from callers about their exploits and efforts… Toward the end of the show a guy named Ryan called in. He had been waiting a while on his cell phone to be brought on the air. When we went live with him, he [...]

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