7 Steps to Successful Public Relations
Write a Press Release

Write a Press Release

A press release is a written document that includes some kind of business news, announcement or event that you send to targeted media members, partners, customers, investors, sponsors, and other pertinent people. It should be short, truthful, interesting, and easy-to-read.

To get started, review press releases and news from your competitors and other successful companies. You’ll get a good idea of how an effective press release looks and sounds. And writing a good press release takes some time and skill so you may want to hire a freelancer to help you. However, if you decide to write your own press releases, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Tips to writing your own press release

  1. Visit PR Newswire’s PR Toolkit, which provides practical tips and advice for crafting press releases and developing your PR strategy.
  2. Write a headline that conveys the main message without adding clichés, gimmicks or extra copy. Use action verbs written in the present tense.
  3. Place all of the important information in the first paragraph (including your website address). Reporters often stop reading after the headline and first paragraph due to tight deadlines so ensure that the key points are noted in the first portion of your release.
  4. Include a brief section at the end of your press release (called the boiler plate). This should be one paragraph that provides all of the information about your business along with your website address. Also be sure to include your contact information so media members can reach you via phone or e-mail.
  5. As you’re writing, think about the key elements that your audience will find interesting. Focus on the benefits, insert quotes that have meaning and avoid self-serving jargon.
  6. When you’re finished, have someone check your press release for errors, tone and newsworthiness. This way, your press release will convey correct information that builds credibility and generates interest.

Once your press release is ready to go, you’ll want to post it on your website and others. Not only will this make it easy for media members to access the information, but it will also be picked up by search engines, giving you more visibility and site traffic.

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