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Create Press and Write Articles

A marketing prescription wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t advocate leveraging the power of PR. Learn how to do just that and also position yourself and your site as a primary source by writing articles (with links in them) and getting them picked up online.

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Participate and Network

The more active and engaged you are online, the more likely you are to build positive rapport and draw the interest of potential customers online. This step provides advice on how participation and networking can create marketing benefits.

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Focus on Content and Code

While many other guides might start with tactics for building traffic, we will start by discussing your content. After all, why make a herculean effort to drive people to your site if, when they get there, it’s a dud? You’ve got to deliver value and make the most of each visitor. So let’s start by analyzing the site you’re driving traffic to in terms of content and code.

Give Your Customers Value

Writing good content for your site is about giving your customers value. By providing true, relevant content, you are doing two things:

  1. Respecting the time and energy of both your customers and non-customers by allowing them to quickly judge the relevancy of your site to their needs.
  2. Providing your customers and/or readers with a good value for their time when they are reading your site, blog, or newsletter.

Giving site visitors relevant and non-disposable content with a long shelf life has many additional benefits for you as well, including:

  • increasing your readership.
  • getting people to link and/or talk about you.
  • creating “stickiness”, which is getting readers to come back.
  • building a brand for your company.
  • marketing your company as a respectable, trustworthy source.
  • promoting yourself as an intelligent and sincere person.
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