7 Steps to Successful Public Relations
Develop Story Ideas

Develop Story Ideas

Now that you have your detailed list of key media members, it’s time to develop specific story angles. Think about current news, industry trends, and unique aspects of you and your business.

Perhaps you have a collection of customers who successfully used your unique service and whose lives you impacted in a profound way. Or, maybe one of your employees has been invited to speak at an upcoming, community event. You could also create news by collecting survey data from customers and packaging it into appealing information for consumers or for others in your industry. These are just examples, but the story ideas are probably waiting to be uncovered – you just have to reveal and package them to make them appealing to the press.

Using your media list, figure out which reporters would be most interested in the stories you have to offer. Familiarize yourself with current news, industry trends and interesting statistics. Based on this information and your pitch ideas, create a specific story for each reporter on your list. Place these story ideas on your overall PR Plan time line. And be sure to add new pitch ideas on a regular basis.

5 Quick Ideas for Creating Your Own News

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As a new business owner, it’s easy to rush through publicity efforts in order to concentrate or core business activities and priorities. But before you contact the media or post a press release, ask yourself if the information you’re about to send is really newsworthy.

Will a reporter really care about what you have to say?

If you can’t answer this question accordingly, you need to rework your story angle or rewrite your announcement to focus on a specific benefit, current industry trend, or unique idea. This takes extra time and effort, but it can mean the difference between a successful, media-placement and the drawing-board.

Here are some quick tips to help you get started

  1. Take part in a community event, or create your own. Give something back and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Create a brief report or ‘top 10 list’ related to a big trend in your industry that will help others solve a problem. Provide your expertise without asking for anything in return.
  3. Submit an opinion piece to your local newspaper about a current news item. This can help build awareness for your business.
  4. Give a presentation at a local community college, business group or other organization where your target audience attends.Provide valuable information without giving a sales-pitch and invite pertinent reporters. You’ll establish yourself as an expert and meet potential new customers while increasing your chances of obtaining media coverage.
  5. Find success stories and promote them.

Talk to your customers and ask them how your products and services have helped them save time and money, increase productivity, meet deadlines, etc.

Media members like unique “before and after” stories, and you can always use these case studies to build credibility and market new customers.

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