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Create Press and Write Articles

Create Press and Write Articles

Get Featured

Getting your site and/or company featured is a great way to boost your traffic. The benefits are temporary, but sometimes they are enough to generate the kind of momentum you can build on. There are many ways to get featured, including:

  • Getting a site to do cross-promotion with you
    For example, you can be featured on Feedburner’s Publisher Buzz if you are using their technology for your own site.
  • Pitching your human-interest story to newspapers, magazines, radio and television outlets
    News and media love a good human interest story. Have you overcome struggles to bring your business to fruition? Is your product or service helping the masses live better lives? Are you doing something new and interesting in the world? Pitch your ideas to magazines and columns that do human-interest stories, or see what local tv shows might be interested in your story.

Just remember: When it’s time for the article or show to come out, don’t forget to mention your company name and URL! You can also boost your onsite marketing by including a bit on your site about where you were featured or mentioned.

Press Releases

Are you doing something new and noteworthy? Have you recently expanded your product line or invented a new device? Then a press release might be the thing for you. Press releases come in three flavors: direct to meida, business to business, and direct to consumer. The style you choose will depend on your goals for the press release and your topic.

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Writing a press release is more than just putting words to paper—you’ll want to identify your audience and create a well-written piece that will spark your readers’ interest and inspire them to learn more about your company and announcement.

A press release offers three main benefits:

  • The chance to be picked up by a media outlet and get featured in a news story or article.
  • A boost from search engine traffic due to the high pagerank of many press release databases.
  • A boost in direct traffic if your site goes through the ewire and appears in place like Yahoo! news and Google news.

A press release should appear like an upside-down triangle in terms of importance: your big headline is on top, your first paragraph summarizes your announcement, and all the supporting details follow. Your goal is to capture enough attention with your headline for your reader to want to read the opening paragraph. Once you get them reading, entice them with the details to learn more about your company at the end and follow the URL to your web site!

For more information on how to write a press release, check out these links:

Once you have your press release, where do you post it? The first place to post your release is in the press section of your own website. You should also include a link to a press kit in that same section for media personnel that are interested in further information. After you’ve released it internally, you can use this handy chart to get you started on finding the release service that is right for you:

Site Cost PageRank
PR Newswire contact for current rates 8
PR Web $40-500, based on options and visibility 7
PR.com Free, advanced profile $199-499/year 6
Free Press Release Center Free, $2.99 upgrade option 6
ClickPress Free, upgrade available 6
PR Leap Free, upgrade available 6
1888 Press Release Free, upgrade available 5
E-Comm Wire
(for E-Commerce news)
Free 5
PR Zoom Free, $95-399 upgrade available 5
24-7 Press Release $299, multi-release pricing available 4

Looking for more tools to help you market yourself with press releases? Try these:


Article Marketing

Article marketing is the practice of writing articles in your area of expertise and using them for your marketing efforts. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between the recipient, who gets usable content for free, and the writer, who gets a free outlet for promoting his/herself through the short bio that appears at the end of these types of articles. There are many benefits of article marketing for you, including:

  • Boosting site traffic and PageRank
  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Increasing your reach
  • Generating sales and leads

To write your article, use the content suggestions and formatting as outlined in Step 1. Remember: Your goal is to provide original, interesting content that will make your readers want to find out more. With this goal in mind, consider these suggestions while you’re writing:

  • Stay on topic
    Try to not let your subject drift or you’ll find your readers drifting as well.
  • Establish yourself as an expert
    Write from the position of being an authority on the topic.
  • Use links sparingly
    A few links, placed near the bottom, will help your reader gain more knowledge—but too many links will distract your readers and make your article hard to finish!
  • Save the hype
    Articles are for facts and information, not to promote your company or products in one page-long commercial.
  • Keep your “about” section short
    At the bottom of an article, there’s a small space for an “About the Author” paragraph, which is also called a “Resource Box”. You don’t want your life story here—just write your contact information, a very short pitch or unique selling proposition, and a small call to action. An example of this might be:
    John Smith, a former writer for the New York Times, is the owner of SmartWidgets. SmartWidgets bring your website to life! Find out more by contacting him at (000) 867-5309, or by visiting the website www.smartwidgets.com. Remember to register at the website for your free guide: 10 Ways to Bring your Website to Life!
  • Spellcheck and review
    Don’t write your article directly on the submission site. Write it in a word processing program so that you can review, edit, and spellcheck your article thoroughly before submitting it.

Once you have your article written, you should submit it to an article submission directory. They each have their own list of entry and account requirements, so you’ll need to apply for an account at each one. Here are some article sites to start with:

There are special services that will distribute your article over many sites, but we’ve found that to be a waste of money and a potential problem if Google thinks you’re spamming with duplicate content. A good technique is to pick a few – no more than 5 – larger article submission sites and upload your article there. Most of the smaller sites will pick up and distribute the content from the larger sites without a direct submission anyway.

Get a wealth of information on writing articles straight from the source, the CEO of Ezine Articles, if you need additional help with article marketing.

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