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Hundred-Dollar Bills


For longevity in business, you’re going to need great and consistent follow-up. There are three areas where follow-up can have a huge impact on your business; prospecting, post-presentation, and no-sale.

You spend a large amount of time deciding on your target market, researching prospects within that market, and marketing to those prospects. What a waste of time to do all that work and then not follow-up! What happens many times is that a company acquires a list of “qualified” prospects of hundreds, or even thousands, of names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and then they send direct-mail pieces and/or emails to all of them at once. I believe that this is with the hope that the stars will all align just right and a flood of responses will come in.

Think of the last time you picked up your mail at home. You look through the stack of mail for envelopes that aren’t addressed to “resident” or “occupant” and then decide of what is left over what you will open. Now, keep in mind that there were probably 5-10 flyers, postcards and the like that you didn’t even look at. The same is true of your business prospects. The better way is to decide on a targeted area, maybe a zip-code, an area code, some well-defined geography that is small enough to allow you to follow-up on the information you sent within ONE WEEK.
Differentiate your Business

The pieces you send should differentiate you from the pack. If it’s a direct-mail piece, be sure it is an odd size so that it doesn’t shuffle in with the rest of the stack and get lost. An odd sized piece of mail is more likely to get handled and looked at.

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Hundred-Dollar Bills


I have seen many great presenters get to the point of closing only to see their wheels fall off.  I remember one young man in particular that was wonderful at presenting, but he just wasn’t bringing in the sales.  So, I decided to go with him on appointments one day. As we went to each [...]

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