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5 Steps to Successful Selling

StartupNation’s 5 Steps to Successful Selling is a proven guide to help you get better results from your business-to-business sales efforts.

Many small businesses make great products or provide a great service, yet have difficulty with sales. If this is your situation, our guide is the solution just for you. The publication is a step-by-step guide, walking you through every step of the process towards more customers, sales and revenue for your business. At its best, sales is not about sales, but is instead all about delivering effective solutions for your prospective customers. Master the 5 steps, and you’ll learn to be solutions-oriented and on your way towards accelerated business growth.

StartupNation’s 5 Steps to Successful Selling was authored by StartupNation member Ed Lewellen, who has worked in sales his entire career. He’s created a proven process for successful selling through his years at some of the largest and best training organizations in the US. He’s played the role of consultant, National Director of Sales, VP and President.

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StartupNation Writer

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