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5 Steps to Marketing Your Website

Create a comprehensive, cost-effective marketing plan for your site that is sure to bring in traffic and keep them coming back for more.

It all starts with a website that is truly valuable to your target audience, and giving them the content they want in the way that they will appreciate. Once your site is rock solid, it’s time to drive traffic. Lots of traffic. To that end, StartupNation’s 5 Steps to Marketing Your Website step-by-step guide walks you through multiple methods for reaching your target audience and leading them to your website, helping you to grow your business.

We collaborated with marketing expert Nikole Gipps, to provide this step-by-step advice. Look for Nikole’s posts in the StartupNation forums under the nickname, nhgnikole, or visit NHG Consulting.

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Nikole Gipps

Nikole Gipps is the face behind the superhero character at That PHP Girl, a web development company that specializes in Wordpress, Premium Wordpress Themes, and PHP Programming. She posts non-tech small business tips over at her blog, Small Business Essentials. [...]

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