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Using Transactional Emails to Magnetize Customers

You have crafted your email campaigns, sent them out to your subscribers, and have received a decent amount of responses. Now what? From a business standpoint, you want to influence repeat purchases and ensure that customers are satisfied with your product or service. Improving your transactional emails will get you one step closer to higher customer retention.  

 What are transactional emails? They are shipping notices, receipts, statements, etc. Statistics show that these types of e-mails produce higher open rates (almost double) when compared to promotional e-mail campaigns. 

 One way to enhance your transactional emails is to keep your branding consistent. Use a template to capture the look and feel of your company’s website or establish a clear and concise layout from one email to the next. By being consistent, you carry through the message that prompted the consumer to buy in the first place.

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 Using product recommendations or presenting discount vouchers are two other options to consider when creating a transactional email. Take advantage of their previous purchase by recommending related products or offer discounts on future purchases. Perhaps offer to pay for your customer’s shipping and handling.

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 Ryan Allis

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