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Home Is Where The Boomer Business Is

 I’ve been excitedly awaiting the results of the new Homebased 100 contest.

 As a regular contributor to the Boomers Back In Business blog and forum, and a coach of Boomer entrepreneurs myself, my attention has been particularly drawn to the winners in the Boomers Back In Business category.

 What a wonderful variety of businesses are represented in this group – ranging from a fishing guide (Murphy Outdoors) to a custom children’s book marketer (See My Story books).

 Since more than 95% of our Boomer business start-up clients start with their business offices at home, I frequently think of the topic of working from home.

 What often flashes through my mind is my personal experience almost twenty years ago as a home-based entrepreneur.

 Back in 1988, when I launched my first entrepreneurial training company, it was not yet widely accepted that home-based businesses were really “professional”. 

 In particular, large corporate prospects often inferred a lack of ambition or sophistication when a new business chose to locate at home.

 In fact, I had to go to some lengths to conceal the reality that my desk and file cabinet were physically located in my spare bedroom. I rented an outside mailing address and put it on my business cards. I would borrow the conference room in a nearby office meeting for important meetings with clients, I’d name-drop contacts I’d made during my corporate career at other large local corporations.

 I’m an enthusiastic reader and I often browse the shelves at my local library for business how-to books. Once, early in my entrepreneurial career, I came across a book that totally changed my outlook about being a home-based business owner.

 The book, “Working From Home” by Paul & Sarah Edwards pulled together every tool, resource and secret to creating a fun and very rewarding experience as a home-based business owner. Suddenly, I realized that working from home need only be a choice of location, not a limitation on the scale of one’s goals.

 As my business grew, I eventually obtained a contract that required that I maintain office space in which to conduct client meetings and training sessions and I moved out of my home office.

But, as often happens in life, I made a full circle and returned to a home office again in 2005, after my wife and I renovated our house, partly to include a brand-new home office!

Jeff Williams
About the Author: Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is a nationally-know business start-up coach and CEO of, selected by Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine as "The Best Entrepreneurial Guide for People Over 50". Jeff is widely quoted in the national business press on the topic of 50+ entrepreneurship and is the creator of the Start Your Business NOW! Online E-Course.

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