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So, what small businesses will I do business with tonight?

Let’s see, there is the convenience store/gas station franchise owner where we will fill Chuck’s car up with gas. We’ll grab some quick dinner from a Mexican carry out joint that is privately owned. We’ll probably park at a downtown lot owned by an entrepreneur. It’s always smart to buy your bags of peanuts from an independent street vendor before you get into the stadium – they just seem more flavorful & they’re definitely cheaper.

Same goes for souvenirs: I’m wearing an old (think Ty Cobb) Detroit Tigers baseball cap that my teammate John just told me looks more like a train engineer’s hat the way it sits awkwardly on my head. I’m sure I can convince one of my buddies to buy me a new cap from a privately owned souvenir stand near the stadium by saying something like, "C’mon!! How many times does a guy have his first bachelor party??!!"

Yeah, that oughta do it.

Once inside the stadium, I believe even the soda & hot dog vendors are independent consultants (don’t quote me on that, I know they used to be at old Tiger Stadium). They certainly get to keep their tips. Hmm, I’m not sure what else we’ll buy at the game, but afterwards we’ll be tipping servers & bartenders at the locally owned bars we stop into, and then the driver of our Metro Car is also an independent driver who has a client relationship with the small businessman who owns the car service.

It’s not at all unlikely that we’d stop at famous family owned Lafayette Coney Island on our way home for a quick dump of a chili-covered hot dog & fries along with an iced Vernors ginger ale into our aching stomachs. "C’mon!! How many times does a guy have his first bachelor party??!!" ought to seal that deal.

All in all there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are going to get our bachelor party business tonight.

Ahh, it’s small businesses that make the world go ‘round.

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