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Newsletters – Don’t Miss Out On This Cost-Effective Opportunity

Do you really need a newsletter? Well, if you don’t have one, you are missing out on a cost-effective way to attract new business and provide loyal customers with valuable information.

Here’s how it works it three simple points:

1. Think about what your customers want.

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How you can provide your customers with new and worthwhile information?

How can you solve their problems quickly and cost-effectively?

Perhaps you can offer expert tips, links to valuable resources, short articles, or just fun facts.

What’s that? You don’t know what your target market really needs? No problem, offer a survey on your site or even within your newsletter to find out. Then, focus your content on what your customers want.

2. Use a service to create a simple, reader-friendly newsletter.

With all of the newsletter services out there, it’s easy to create a newsletter in minutes, monitor subscribers and schedule distribution. To start, look at the newsletters for businesses you admire, and competitors. Then, check out one of the many services out there like:

Be sure to use their opt-in functions with the appropriate language or you may be labeled as a spammer. And of course, graphics can make your newsletter more interesting, but also offer a plain text version for those folks who can’t see your cool pictures.

3. Make it a priority.

Once you get your newsletter started, it’s important to keep the process going. Entice new customers to register for your free information, and get feedback from your subscribers so you can update your content regularly. And if you don’t have time for this, hire a freelance copywriter to help you manage the whole process.

Why spend time on a free newsletter?

Well, once you get subscribers, you’ll have your own, priceless list of opt-in leads who are specifically interested in your products and services. You can create long-term relationships, improve your business, obtain testimonials, build buzz online, create loyal customers, and much more… so the next time you pass on having a regular newsletter, think about all the potential opportunities you’re missing!

Do you need help creating and managing your entire newsletter process? Please let me know here or at I’m happy to help!

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