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Micro is the New Macro

From Business Week: MBAs Go Micro

“For years, small companies have had trouble competing with the larger firms that typically hire business school students, but that is starting to change. With the recession making a dent in campus recruiting, career service officers are advising students to broaden their job searches to include small businesses. Students are heeding their advice, and companies now have “access to a lot more talent than they ever had before,” says Tracee Petrillo, career services director at Babson College’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. “

Benefits of smaller companies:

  • they’re hiring
  • allowing students to sit in on board meetings
  • mentorship from a top executive
  • cnadidates¬†will be able to rise quickly up the ranks
  • ability to have an impact
  • allows the candidate to try something new
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Has your business considered hiring or trying to attract an MBA grad, or seasoned manager from a large company?

About the Author: Christine Haskell

Christine is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with several years experience in the .com industry. She recently started social venture labs, an idea incubator for those leading small mission-driven businesses or organizations looking to create relationships, share ideas and [...]

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