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Cool Company of the day: Vital Choice Seafood

This one comes from community member Carolyn – one of StartupNation’s biggest advocates and a huge healthnut! (We like that about Carolyn – we, too, try to live in a healthy and sustainable manner and she’s very inspiring that way.)

The Cool Company is Vital Choice Seafood, and as the letter from the founder, Randy Hartnell, indicates, they’re on a mission to do quality work, good work, and work they’re passionate about. Just the fact that they HAVE a letter from the founder shows you that they are cool, cool, cool!

With all the concern and craziness about what people eat and what people are destroying in the process of over fishing, pesticiding, fakely farming, etc., the products and service of Vital Choice are a bull’s eye.

Adding to this company’s "cool factor" is how they address a screaming need, are totally focused, and cater to several trends at once including online retail, home delivery, responsible business practices, and healthy living.

Vital Choice rocks the world of cool! Check them out!

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