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Holy Crisis, Batman!

For those of you who run a business or are trying to get one off the ground, I bet you’ve had a run-in or two with a crisis of some kind.

It may have taken the shape of a loss of data, or a short-fall in needed cash. Perhaps it was a lawsuit or a personal medical situation. Who knows – it could’ve been an unexpected tax hit or maybe even a key customer pulling back from a large order that you’d considered “in the bag”.

We had our own crisis last month when this website was attacked and disrupted by a “hacker-bot”, a new term for me and one I’ll always wince at when I hear it in techie conversations.

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This coming week I’m going back on CNBC’s The Big Idea to discuss how to deal with crises like those mentioned above. I’m wondering if any among you would like to be featured on the program to ask your burning question about how to deal with a crisis you’re experiencing. The show will air next week on Tuesday, barring any pre-emption.

So, anyone dealing with a crisis at their business? Been through one recently and want to avoid similar situations in the future? Please share your comments below and/or volunteer to be considered for the show by satellite uplink from your town’s local TV station.

If preferred, as an alternative, you can use this link to contact me, too.


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