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The Cure For Home Business Isolation

If you cruise around Startup Nation’s forums, you’ll probably find folks wondering how to deal with the challenge of running a home business in almost total isolation. Being a solo artist among bands of company men and women isn’t easy.
It’s true, the home bizzer has no company picnic, no chats around the water cooler or coffee pot and, most importantly, no one to commiserate with.
But I’m a home entrepreneur. I don’t think like normal people. (Ask my husband, he constantly tells me my thinking is abnormal.)
Where others see challenges, I see opportunities.
Here’s my solution to HBI (home business isolation): Startup Stella’s Annoying Temps!
For a modest fee, my temps will terminate those feelings of loneliness forever. Rent out some of our popular models:

The Non-Stop-Talker—Set one of these blabbermouths next to your home business work space and feel that nostalgia for those office days melt away. For an extra fee, our temps will provide pictures of their children and offer minute-by-minute updates on their kids’ school progress and a play-by-play account of yesterday’s soccer game.
The Self-Narrator—This worker will announce every move they make, as loud as possible, including their frequent trips to the restroom. Great for the quiet home business.
The Upstart—Need some motivation. Think you can run a home business… they can run it better.
The Passive-Aggressive—Our Pass-Agg model will react to every thing you say as a slight or an unforgivable insult. Ahhh. Feel that cold wind on your shoulder.

Are there any annoying co-workers you miss? We’re always trying to improve our services.
And remember our motto is: You got the work. We got the jerks!

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