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InventionHome Product Spotlight – Tipsy Tower

Memorial Day has come and gone.  The holiday signifies many things…a time to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country, as well as a time to visit the gravesites of our loved ones to pay respects.  In a much less ‘official’ manner, this day also marks a changeover in the season making it permissible to wear white shoes and also, since the weather is becoming more consistently warm it’s the perfect time to plant annual flowers.

Inventors Gordon and Carri B. of Jensen Beach, Florida developed a charming product to help create whimsical vertical displays of flowers very easily.  They call it “Tipsy Tower”.

Tipsy Tower provides a streamlined and interesting way to stack multiple potted plants into a vertical area. The product consists of a rod with two foot pieces and an optional hanging ring that can attach to the top. The powder-coated rod screws into the foot pieces and the ring can be screwed onto the top if desired. To use, slide the rod through the drainage holes on the pots.  Each pot can be tilted so that they stack on top of one another at differing angles.

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Gordon and Carri enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention.

Tipsy Tower from InventionHome


InventionHome offers a low cost, low risk solution for helping inventors through each step of the invention process.  They have created a simple and streamlined process for connecting inventors with manufacturers for the purpose of licensing inventions for royalties.

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