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Another Slight for Startup Stella? I Think So

Well. Well. Well.
A few days ago I was looking over the Startup Nation Home-Based 100 and tried to locate any mention of Startup Stella.
Nope. No mention. Not a word.
You’d think I had an "in" around here.
So, I did what any other insane entrepreneur would do, I called up Startup Nation headquarters and asked to speak to the Sloan Brothers.
After a few dozen calls and a stern warning about cyber-stalking laws, I conveyed my disappointment about the failure to mention my business in the Home-Based 100.
According to the Sloan Brothers, I just missed the Home-Based 100.
In fact, I was the 101st business on the Home-Based 100.
As a home entrepreneur, you always feel like you’re right around the corner of sudden and massive success; this is just another near miss for me.
Here’s a whole list of lists I’m told I just missed. (Say that five times fast.)

  • People Magazine’s 51st Most Sexy Person
  • The Fortune 1.5 million
  • 2006 Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (I was runner up.)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Apparently I would have won Best Supporting
  • Supporting Actress, but they dropped the category.)
  • Good Housekeeping Seal of Half-Decent
  • Entry 11 on Letterman’s Top Ten List

I was also voted Most Likely to Succeed A Little Less than The Person Voted Most Likely To Succeed.
Does this deter me?
Look. I have a home business, kids, in-laws, and a cartoon for a husband, you have to do a little more than slight me on this list of Home-Based successes.
In fact, I’m working extra hard to be number 51 on next year’s list.
Which is about the time, they’ll switch the dang thing to Startup Nation’s Home-Based 50.


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