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Why I Love SUN, or Holy Crap I’m On TV!

Hi gang,

So, this is life here at SUN.   First,  I write a blog about eBay vs. Amazon.  Next, Rich calls and we do a podcast about it.  Then yesterday, I get a call from Fox News and they say “How fast can you get down to the studio? We want you on national TV tonight to talk about eBay vs. Amazon”.

So here I am, for the first time since I was the 9 year old fat tuba player in the marching band for some local parade, on television.

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My friend Scot Wingo at Channeladvisor  managed to imbed the video into his Blog, so here it is:

Hi Mom I’m On TV!

My first impression of this when I saw it, well, allow me to quote from one of my favorite Friends episodes:

Monica:  “The camera adds a few pounds”

Chandler:  “How many cameras were actually on you?”

Time to diet again.

Other than that – not bad!


About the Author: Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon is a freelance e-commerce business consultant and blogger. He is the former CEO of Inflatable Madness, LLC, one of the largest DVD and CD sellers on eBay and Amazon, and Red Shorts Media, LLC, which operated multiple e-commerce media buyback websites.

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