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Attitude, Do You Have One?-Monday Morning Memoir

Looking at the current financial crisis creates such a negative picture for everyone.  Have you checked your 401K lately? Have you looked at your bank statement? Everywhere you turn there is more bad news.  In Michigan its been like this for three years and no hope of it getting better soon.  If you have this feeling then, how do you think your employees are feeling.  At least as an entrepreneur you “feel” like you control your own destiny.  Everyday I try to arrive at work and keep a positive outlook all day.  Leave the bad news behind the front door and encourage everyone to treat the office like a “retreat” from the negativity out there.  We’re all selling something and your attitude bleeds over into your presentation.  Try a little reminder on your monitor to pick you up.

About the Author: Lorne Zalesin

A self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” CEO Lorne Zalesin successfully launched five startup companies from the ground level up. Under Zalesin’s leadership, was formed in November 2006. To date, the company has grown to more than 30 employees and is currently [...]

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