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Hello Startup Nation!

My name is Kristin Potenti and I have recently decided to make my passion for fashion a full time career instead of merely a hobby.  Over the past 5-10 years I have been studying and working in the fashion industry.  It was through my work in retail that I noticed a couple of micro trends amongst female shoppers.  Most prominently, I recognized that many women have difficulty identifying what styles look best on them.  Secondly, I noted there was a real opportunity in the market for a reasonably priced, fashionable women’s clothing line that takes into consideration the body and image concerns of a more mature woman, who though she has aged is still in great shape.

I am now attempting to fulfill the needs of the many women I met while working in retail.  My website, Self Assured, educates women about the most common body types and advises what silhouettes look best on those figures.  The site also talks about the latest fashion trends for women and what body types they work best on. 

 My current endeavor, which officially began in April of this year, is launching the brand Self Assured as a moderately priced, stylish clothing line for confident, sexy, fashion savvy women in their prime.  Throughout this blog I will be detailing my experiences in setting up the business and making my way in the so called “rag trade”.  I welcome anyone who has ever thought about starting a clothing line or who already has a successful brand to read through my experiences, ask questions and offer advice.  I look forward to hearing from everyone at Startup Nation so feel free to email me at

About the Author: Kristin Potenti

After almost 10 years of studying and working in the fashion industry Kristin Potenti, fashion advisor and clothing designer, is striving to fulfill the needs of women shoppers. She recently launched a website, Self Assured, which educates women about the [...]

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