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Conclusion of Keys to Online Marketing 16-20

This post wraps up the discussion of the top twenty keys to
online marketing. I recommend using these tips as a guide when beginning your
marketing campaigns, and hone in on the ones that work best for your

Keys to Online Marketing 16-20*:

  1. Remember
    that business is all about relationships and communication. Always work to
    build more relationships and gain more contacts through your email
    newsletters. Once they are built, make sure you are in continuous contact
    with your prospects, customers, strategic alliances, suppliers, investors,
    and the media.
  1. Encourage
    word of mouth among your customers. You can do this in your email messages
    by including a prominent “Forward to a Friend” link.
  1. Have
    superior customer service, and respond to all incoming emails within 24
  1. Send
    out periodic email follow-ups to make sure your customers are happy. Ask
    them for feedback about your product or service your company is providing.
  1. Blog
    frequently with quality content. If you use iContact as your email
    marketing service, you can publish your blog posts and newsletters to our
    online customer forum, the iContact Community.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back next week for more
email marketing tips.

*Taken from Zero
to One Million: How to Build a Company to One Million Dollars in Sales

(McGraw-Hill) by Ryan Allis.


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