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Building An Online Store With Little Startup Capital

There are many ways to start a business online with little startup capital, like affiliate marketing or blogging.…

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Business Simply Put Lori Williams

Success: A Goal or Unhealthy Obsession?

Entrepreneurs are high-energy people driven by the need to succeed. I have experienced this in myself, my colleagues…

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Why you should fire some customers by Lori Williams of Business Simply Put

Why You Should Fire Some Customers

This week I spoke to a new client who contacted me through the eAdvice service on my website.…

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Web Marketing

Small Company Marketing Plan

Small companies usually operate on a shoestring marketing budget. They do not have the luxury of hiring professional…

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Business Leader

False Perceptions - A Destructive Force

Strategic plans built on faulty beliefs are sure to fail. Change can occur quickly and the average lifespan…

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Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Made!

What is the most common mistake entrepreneurs make in the first 1-2 years of business that can easily…

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business strategy | business planning

Strategic Planning –A Crucial Component of Business Planning

Companies often have trouble maintaining growth, even in favorable economic conditions. The modern business landscape is ever changing: …

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Starting An eBay And Amazon Business In 2014: It’s All About The Cash Flow, Joe.

Hi gang, I’m really happy to announce that my good friends at StartupNation have asked me to keep…

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Small Business Networking

Why You Need To Develop A Peer Group

Being an entrepreneur and the leader of a small business can be a lonely experience.  I have personally…

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Entrepreneurship At the Border

It was 2010, already a year since I’d moved back from Shanghai and I still needed to find…

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Personality in Business

Does Your Business Have Personality?

[606 words | 2 minute read] When you think of some of the best brands and companies in…

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Women Entrepreneurship Growing Worldwide

There are more than 126 million active women entrepreneurs in 67 national economies worldwide, according to the recently…

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Enjoy Summer More by Outsourcing

Hire Outside Experts to Boost Sales Summer is flying by and August is here. With this in mind,…

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Small Business

The State of the Small Business Owner

Small businesses make up 99.7% of all employers and nearly half of the private US labor force according…

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Revving Up An Entrepreneurial Engine For Our Youth

Our youth is our future. And with this in mind, we need to ask if we are doing…

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