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How Small Businesses Can Keep a Handle on Social Media

Getting a Handle on Social Media According to a survey sponsored by LinkedIn, 81% of small businesses now…

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Does Your Office Make Employees Want to Go to Work?

Some companies like Google and Facebook come to mind when you think of cool office spaces, but more and more companies are…

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Things Investors Say When Really What They Mean is, “No”

One lesson I learned the hard way as a founder is that investors never like to say “no.”…

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The client-designer relationship

Client and Designer Relationship: Clearing up any misunderstanding Working with a designer should be a somewhat simple process…

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4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Think About That May Not Be in the Business Plan

What's not in your business plan? This article was originally posted on Walking away from the comfy…

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Planning For Growth: Setting Business Goals

Any experienced business owner will tell you that planning for growth and setting business goals is an essential…

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Sales is the Lifeblood of a Company

Argumentatively sales is the lifeblood of a company. However, if not properly staffed and managed the sales department…

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How to Use Mind Maps to Grow Your Ideas & Your Business

A great productivity strategy for any type of planning, project or problem solving is by using a mind…

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Business Mistakes

7 Mistakes To Avoid & Help Your Business Grow

Let’s face it: none of us are perfect. While we might have been smart enough to start a…

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Money Management

Ten Ways To Build A Company With Almost No Money

When I started my first company, I was 21 years old and still in college. I had absolutely…

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Cash Flow

How to Start a Business with No Money

In these times of tight bank credit, aspiring entrepreneurs may wonder how to start a business with no…

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Business Simply Put provides affordable, high-level business information and advice.

Five Reasons Companies Fail on Execution

Most organizations fail on strategy execution, not formation. Setting unrealistic expectations, including initiatives, measurements and milestones is one…

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Business Simply Put provides affordable, high-level business information and advice. Products and services can be customized to meet specific needs.

What Every Company Leader Should Consider

A company leader must make sure the right people are doing the right things. This requires both leadership…

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Building An Online Store With Little Startup Capital

There are many ways to start a business online with little startup capital, like affiliate marketing or blogging.…

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Business Simply Put Lori Williams

Success: A Goal or Unhealthy Obsession?

Entrepreneurs are high-energy people driven by the need to succeed. I have experienced this in myself, my colleagues…

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