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Hey Used Video Game Sellers: The XBOX One Just Pooped In Your Sandbox

Hi gang, Happy early summer to you wherever you are.  Here in Charlotte, we celebrate 5 seasons: Summer,…

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Amazon FBA

Third Party Sellers Need To Rethink The Amazon FBA Program

Hi gang, Long time no talk. How are you? You’re looking good! How are the kids? How is…

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How to Effectively Build a Family Business

Competency Versus Relationship (Nepotism)Every business hires employees based on some mixture of the candidate’s competency and how good/bad…

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Ignite a Revolution!

Our business firepower in the United States begins with our educational system. In many ways, that system is…

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eBay, Amazon, Mobile, e-Commerce, and Stripping.

Hi gang, John Lawson is a nationally known e-commerce and social media expert.  You can find him speaking…

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My Love Hate Affair With Twitter

Hi gang, I really love twitter. Actually, I can’t stand it.  What a wonderful tool - and what…

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The Future Is Coming...And You Won't Believe It

Hi gang, welcome to Noodle Baking 101! It’s been a while! How’ve you been? Still in business? Growing?…

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Small Business surprise in my week away

Hi there StartUpNation!  I am back after one final tribute to summer last week.  Where I live, school…

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Six Businesses You Can Run From a Tropical Island

There’s been a prominent shift in the way that Gen Y perceives work and the idea of a…

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StartupNation 1, Facebook Squatter 0

Similar to our efforts on Twitter to claim the account name, we have now achieved something similar…

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Attention eBay sellers! Join me on April 22nd for awesomeness! Audio File Now Available!

Hi gang, Please do me the honor tomorrow of joining myself and John Lawson, aka ColderIce, aka one…

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Taking Control of Your Schedule with a Home-Based Franchise

The days are getting longer and the sunshine beckons you outside. But you are on someone else’s schedule.…

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Is Frustration Getting In the Way of Your Success?

Your phone stops ringing. You don’t get a response for your proposals. The competition steals your business. Yep.…

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BREAKING: eBay Announces "FreeBay" - The Completely Free Program

SAN JOSE ( - To enhance the recent fee changes that will force sellers to offer free shipping,…

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Do You Know the Price Tag of the Franchise You're Eyeing?

When researching franchises for sale, the first question most franchise candidates ask is “how much does it cost?”…

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