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Where Did My Business Model Go?

In 1942 Joseph Schumpeter in his work entitled “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” coined the phrase “Creative Destruction” defined…

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Company is going over the edge – could the crisis have been prevented?

As a strategy and finance turnaround consultant, I have worked with many companies in a crisis situation. A…

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Does scalability really matter to a small business entrepreneur?

The use of the term scalability in business discussions has always amused me. In meetings with investors, I…

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The Competition Paradox

Two shoe salesmen from Victorian England travel to the colonies to assess the business opportunity for shoes. The…

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Pitch Your As Seen On TV Invention To 6 Great Companies in 1 Location

The DRTV Product Summit is the only industry event that offers so much opportunity for inventors! Hosted by…

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Revving Up An Entrepreneurial Engine For Our Youth

Our youth is our future. And with this in mind, we need to ask if we are doing…

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Hey Used Video Game Sellers: The XBOX One Just Pooped In Your Sandbox

Hi gang, Happy early summer to you wherever you are.  Here in Charlotte, we celebrate 5 seasons: Summer,…

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Amazon FBA

Third Party Sellers Need To Rethink The Amazon FBA Program

Hi gang, Long time no talk. How are you? You’re looking good! How are the kids? How is…

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How to Effectively Build a Family Business

Competency Versus Relationship (Nepotism)Every business hires employees based on some mixture of the candidate’s competency and how good/bad…

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Ignite a Revolution!

Our business firepower in the United States begins with our educational system. In many ways, that system is…

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eBay, Amazon, Mobile, e-Commerce, and Stripping.

Hi gang, John Lawson is a nationally known e-commerce and social media expert.  You can find him speaking…

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My Love Hate Affair With Twitter

Hi gang, I really love twitter. Actually, I can’t stand it.  What a wonderful tool - and what…

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The Future Is Coming...And You Won't Believe It

Hi gang, welcome to Noodle Baking 101! It’s been a while! How’ve you been? Still in business? Growing?…

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Small Business surprise in my week away

Hi there StartUpNation!  I am back after one final tribute to summer last week.  Where I live, school…

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Six Businesses You Can Run From a Tropical Island

There’s been a prominent shift in the way that Gen Y perceives work and the idea of a…

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