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Is Your Site Missing from the Search Engines?

“My site is optimized for the search engines, and it’s not showing up online.” Yep. I hear this…

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Just in Time... Financial Tips for Tax Season

  I recently spoke to Kimberly Palmer. She’s the senior editor and personal finance columnist for US News…

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Guess Who's Knocking On Your Door?

So I just got off of a publicized teleseminar with one of the top gurus in the information…

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Angel Investors 101

Finding funding for a business is a process that involves presenting your ideas to potential sources of funding,…

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What does it really take to attract investors to your startup?

Especially for the first-time entrepreneurs out there, a lot of times there tends to be some misconceptions about…

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Got Profits? American Roads' CEO Shares Success Secrets

Today, we find out the scoop on running a successful, small business from Neal Belitsky, the CEO of…

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Business Financing and Structure

One of the most important, and yet the least understood part of your business financing is how your…

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Big Business Helping Small Business: A New Era of David and Goliath?

We have all heard the horror stories of big business pitted against small business.  The classic David and…

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Get the Word Out Now!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen an increase in small-business marketing budgets in the last few…

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How to Increase Sales in 3 Steps

If you want to get some new business, here are three quick tips that may help you boost…

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Finding Funding: Goldilocks Approach

These resources can help you learn about and gain access to the right type of funding: The SBA…

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Finding the Right Funding - The Klapmeier brothers' Key Move:

Lots of people would enjoy flying in a small plane if they could be guaranteed a much safer…

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The Small Business Professor Gives Insights on Brother® Small Business Survey

A recent survey conducted by StartupNation's friends at Wakefield Research for Brother® International,, indicated that small business…

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Ready to Make Media Contact?

After conducting extensive research and preparing your story ideas (discussed in previous blog entries pertinent to our “7…

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The Art of Getting Buzz in Entrepreneur Magazine

For many small business owners getting a write-up in Entrepreneur magazine is the holy grail of media coverage. …

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