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Internet Marketing: October 4, 2014

SmartFinds Internet Marketing’s Melih Oztalay to Appear on WJR StartupNation Radio

StartupNation is pleased to welcome SmartFinds Internet Marketing CEO Melih Oztalay on Saturday October 4 at 2 pm.


Melih Oztalay, SmartFinds Internet Marketing CEO

Remember the old days when advertising meant hanging a sign over your door, placing an ad in the yellow pages and in the local newspapers classifieds section? My how times have changed and to many new entrepreneurs, this is an intimidating part of their business plan. As we all know in sales, the consumer gets confused after 3 choices and when they get intimidated, they walk away. With so many choices in marketing vehicles available to the small business, it is easy for the entrepreneur to feel the same way: either avoid it all together or go back to the “traditional or what-they-know” marketing tools like newspapers and flyers. Our guest will help you get a handle on the best marketing tools for your business and to show you that it really isn’t all that intimidating.

Having been in advertising and marketing since 1987 and a web-based company since 1994, SmartFinds Internet Marketing has been on the forefront of the Internet as a tool for businesses. Oztalay will answer many of the questions America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners have regarding Internet Marketing.

“As the Internet has evolved over the years, it’s become increasingly important for small businesses to have a website and take measures to be found through search engines,” said Oztalay.

SmartFinds partners with businesses to find marketing strategies that bring more customers through their store doors. Oztalay plans to discuss SmartFinds’ unique approach that focuses on strategic marketing processes and not just technology tasks alone.

About SmartFinds Internet Marketing

SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides innovative, personalized web marketing strategies and services. We strive to help customers navigate the web marketing and advertising world through education, consultation and result interpretation. As your partner, we research, develop a plan, and manage its execution. Web marketing is an intricate process and we help you interpret and understand the results every step of the way. SmartFinds is headquartered in Birmingham, MI and houses over 25 years of marketing, advertising and internet experience. SmartFinds’ broad client experiences with websites, web advertising campaigns, and web marketing strategies include larger corporations like Compuware, Delphi, Flagstar Bank, Guardian Industries, McCann Erickson, Penske Automotive Group, Soave Enterprises, Wendy’s, Ziebart and others. To learn more visit or call (866) 501-5758.

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