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Meet Your Hosts

Jeff Sloan

JeffreySUNPhotoJeff is a visionary entrepreneurial force with particular expertise in creating and developing early stage companies. Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of StartupNation® (, a multi-media company that provides education and inspiration to aspiring and existing business enthusiasts. StartupNation is now one of the leading brands in the world of entrepreneurship. The website is one of the most visited by aspiring entrepreneurs with over 2,000,000 people using the StartupNation “Ten Steps to Open for Business” startup process.

Jeff currently spearheads Aria Ventures, LLC whose mission it is to “package” meritorious business opportunities and concepts into viable businesses. Specifically, Jeff and the Aria International team prepares the business plans, identifies the key team members, raises the seed financing, and provides ongoing strategic guidance throughout the development phase, the launch phase and the growth phase.

Today, Jeffrey and co-founder/brother Rich Sloan appear on numerous cable news networks as entrepreneurial experts, including regular monthly appearances on the Fox Business News Network show “Your Money/Your Business”. In the first quarter 2010, the Sloan Brothers completed a nationally televised show on Public Television stations entitled “StartupNation – Open for Business” (StartupNation – Open for Business). In 2005, the Sloans first book, by the same name, was published by Doubleday. A follow up book, authored by Jeff, will be published in 2014.

Dan Glisky, Jr.

DancasualDan is the President and COO of StartupNation and passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed.  As an extremely successful serial entrepreneur himself, Dan has launched, built, and sold businesses within the technology, marketing, media, security, import, and distribution industries.  His particular passion is in providing business traction by focusing on strategic planning, rain-making, and growing leaders and he is particularly adept at applying technology to solve business problems.  His life mission is to be a catalyst in the world, and inspiring to everyone he meets.

Dan was the co-developer and Global Chair for the Accelerator program, a now global program for the Entrepreneurs Organization, which is designed to help first stage entrepreneurs around the world get to second stage (Revenues>$1M usd).  Launched first in Detroit, then in New Orleans, the program is now helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses in 32 cities and 5 countries.

Through his entrepreneurial journey, Dan has experienced significant successes and challenging setbacks and he is excited to share those experiences with both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.