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Each day I receive at least one political email, a “forward from a friend” … typically someone imposing their political views on a regular email list of friends and family. Today I received a pull down from a Wall Street Journal article , A Liberal Supermajority, Get ready for ‘change’ we haven’t seen since 1965, or 1933.

I’m not usually the person who forwards emails. If I do find something particularly profound, funny or, otherwise, interesting, I might send it to a few people. But I’m always careful to remove the “FW:, FW:, FW:, FW:” from the Subject line as well as all of the email lists and signatures in the body of the email. I hate scrolling through pages of other people’s email addresses and am sure my recipients do, too. (note to those who send countless forwards)

Back to politics. The International Franchise Association, a Washington, DC based non-profit who represents franchising throughout the US, recently submitted questions to both political candidates asking about their position on certain issues affecting small businesses. Below I’ll copy a few of the questions from Franchising World magazine article (and you can read the article in its entirety here – Shaping the Nation: Presidential Candidates Present Their Visions):

Article is continued below

In thinking about some of the issues facing your business, how do you think you and your business could be affected in the next four or eight years?

Q: Small businesses provide significant jobs and contribute greatly to our economy.  As president, how will you ensure that small businesses, especially franchised businesses continue to thrive?

Q: IFA members cite health insurance reform as a major legislative priority. The increasing cost of health care is making employer-sponsored health coverage harder for small franchised businesses to provide for their employees and harder for working families to afford.  What is your view on health-care reform, or more specifically small-business health plans for franchise business systems?

Continue here for the rest of the piece – Shaping the Nation: Presidential Candidates Present Their Visions

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