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Google Enters The Chrome Wars

Hi gang,

Well, Google pulled off another surprise yesterday and announced that they have been working on a web browser, named Chrome.  They made the beta available for download to the general public and within 1 day, Google has 1% of the browser market!

There are a ton of possibilites here for Chrome to integrate into all of Google’s web apps and move us all towards complete web based computing.

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By the way, as a tech geek,  I find it really interesting that 20 years ago, everything was Mainframe – meaning central servers did all the work and your computer was dumber than a box of rocks.  Then we had the PC revolution, or decentralized computing – your computer got real smart and servers weren’t needed as much.   And now, 20 years later,  the web has come along and we will soon be WebFrame computing again.

But I digress…

So here’s the link to download Chrome.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think of it.





About the Author: Kevin Harmon

Kevin Harmon is a freelance e-commerce business consultant and blogger. He is the former CEO of Inflatable Madness, LLC, one of the largest DVD and CD sellers on eBay and Amazon, and Red Shorts Media, LLC, which operated multiple e-commerce media buyback websites.

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