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Previous Winner Testimonials

"Entering StartupNation's 2012 Leading Moms in Business competition definitely helped establish my brand as a leader in the industry. By participating in the competition, it also helped me snag publicity opportunities including a recurring spot on a Lifestyle TV Show. They interviewed me as a winner and invited me back on again and again. The PR has helped take our presence to a whole new level."

- Alicia Rittenhouse, Ali Rittenhouse International
"It makes me proud to be a mom in a successful business and this contest allowed me to express that pride! Winning the contest has allowed me to be even more reputable in my field and definitely has brought more business as well as helped recruit more employees!"

- Deborah Michael, North Shore Pediatric Therapy
"Winning StartupNation's Leading Moms in Business Competition did wonders for my business. Winning the competition helped me grow my revenue to the extent that I could not have imagined. The exposure I received would be invaluable to any startup business."

- Nina Rodecker, Tasty Clouds
"I have been a winner in the top 200 Leading Moms in Business competition for the past 3 years and every year it gets better and better. I love promoting my business and this is a perfect way to do it. I have gotten great press from winning as well as from existing clients who see the logo on my website and congratulate me on it! Being a working mom is hard, but running a successful business and being recognized for it is priceless."

- Erin Krex, First Class Care, Inc.
"Being a part of's Leading Moms in Business Contest helped create enthusiasm and excitement through social media that increased our presence in the community. The contest last year came at a time that I was ready to produce our first show. I think that it definitely brough credibility in the professional community and among friends that were supporting my dream. Finishing 18th out of 200 chosen winners who all have a drive, a dream and a family was wonderful and I look forward to competing again this year! Thank you for your platform to help Mom's in Business be recognized!"

- Leah Daily, Curtains Up! Theatre Company
"My name is Daisy Teh and I'm the creator of My blog isn't a hobby, it's a professional income producing blog. When the competition opened up for moms in business, I felt compelled to compete and show the world that what I do was a true form of entrepreneurship. I was #5 out of 600 worldwide that competed in the StartupNation Leading Moms In Business Competition, and the blessings haven't stopped overflowing since was awarded such a coveted title! Since then, I've been a Nike Blogger Ambassador, Kia Motors Blogger, and travel the nation with major consumer brands as a brand advocate. The traffic has been phenomenal - my website was only 8-months old when I won the 2012 award, and I received hundreds of hits each month from StartupNation. As an entrepreneur, we should always keep our eyes open for opportunities and seize those opportunities by taking action. This was one of the best opportunities I've seized in my career and I'm glad I did!"

- Daisy Teh,
"Your Competition has definitely benefited our business by spreading the word, and giving us a platform to present our business to your viewers. Traffic, publicity and sales have increased. We especially appreciate being able to market our business to fellow entrepreneurs who may have a need for our products and services."

- Tracy Wright, My Husband is My Best Friend
"We were honored to be named one of StartupNation's Leading Moms in Business Contest Winners 2012. Since being a part of the contest, we have experienced an increase in our web activity and have increased brand awareness of our baby line in the Children's Clothing Industry."

- Mindy McKegney, BonnBonn Baby
"Becoming a winner in the StartupNation's 2012 Leading Moms in Business Competition gave my business the competitive edge when pitching to the buyer and landing our largest order to date in the pet department of the largest off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.S. this past year."

- Kara Wahlstrom, Hot Joe Jacket
"Since winning the award from Startup Nation 2012 ranking 80, had a noticeable impact on my business. Being able to post the award emblem on my website solidified me as a Mom Preneur. Not only did it increase my website traffic, but also increased my facebook and twitter followers. After issuing a press release announcing our ranking, it opened doors that I couldn't have imagined. My sales have tripled since last years competition and the projections this year are even better. Having a competition like this allowed my family members and friends from different states participate in my success. THANK YOU!!"

- April Marcial,
"To be able to place the StartupNation's 2012 Leading Mom in Business winner's emblem my website and marketing materials is invaluable. Of all of the competitions and awards one can receive, I've found this one to be of the most beneficial. It provides my customers with a sense of trust to see the emblem. The traffic to my website, and therefore my sales, increased both during the competition and after. Not only was it a personal triumph to be among the winners, it reflected on every aspect of my business."
- Amanda Seidel, Kidzies"

- Amanda Seidel, Kidzies
"Participating in and being named a winner in the StartupNation's Leading Moms in Business competition as helped me generate excitement for my brand with my customers and fans. They look forward to the company's participation and to being a part of having the company rank highly. It also provides lots of opportunity for me to network with other top mom business owners and I have developed some great business relationships along the way."

- Savanna Fancher, Soleil Creations