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Dressing Your Truth

Dressing Your Truth

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Dressing Your Truth's Case to Win

As the mother of 5 children, Carol Tuttle is also the entrepreneurial creator of Dressing Your Truth, a business that empowers women to feel more confident by discovering the truth about their beauty. Dressing Your Truth grew out of the notion that too many women today are constantly affected by their own insecurities of not looking or feeling beautiful.

With a background in alternative psychotherapy and healing her own self-esteem issues, Carol built a successful brand that helps women become their own beauty experts through the principles and tools she teaches in her book, Discover Your Type of Beauty, as well as through online courses, video tutorials and more.

Carol has established an ever-growing community of over 25,000 women in 80 countries who have gone through her Dressing Your Truth online course, a do-it-yourself makeover system. She has also accumulated a Facebook following of over 80,000, primarily women.

Not only has Carol helped women worldwide, she's done all of this while successfully raising her own family. Three of Carol’s five children and their spouses work for Dressing Your Truth full time. This family-owned business, which now employs 40 people in the U.S., is proud to support and honor women everywhere.

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