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Upgrade Your Digital Life

Sometimes inefficiency cannot be defeated. When the typewriter was first invented in the 1870’s, fast typing caused the…

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How to Obtain a UPC Code

As a consumer, you’ve probably noticed how nifty and efficient Universal Product Codes are. And as an entrepreneur,…

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Business Success

The ONE THING Successful Business Owners Do Every Single Day

What is something you make sure you do every single day in your business and why? StartupNation asked…

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Are your Financial Relationships in Harmony?

Companies are dynamic organizations with a myriad of business functions occurring simultaneously. In order for a company to…

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16 Habits to Make You Uber-Productive

What's the one top habit that makes you most productive? This was the question StartupNation asked of 16…

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Business Risk

The Risks of Ascent

[2196 words | 8 minute read] As a business consultant I am painfully aware of the inherent risk…

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Green Business

9 Steps to Greening Your Business

Read StartupNation's 9 Steps to Greening Your Business to learn what it means to be green, some steps…

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Business Funding

8 Steps to Managing Your Money

Money makes the world go 'round, and it makes our businesses move forward. Read StartupNation's 8 Steps to…

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Communication Errors

Editor's Notes: 7 Common Communication Errors

As an editor, I spend a disproportionate amount of time  pouring over the writing of others.   While one…

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Small Business Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act: how much is this thing going to cost me anyway?

As a business owner you need to weigh everything carefully  against the bottom line and plan as much…

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Online Shopping

Three Classic Office Tools That Are Still Relevant Today

At StartupNation, we see quite a few technology startups with  cute, nonsense names and quirky URLs that offer…

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Correctly Labeling Roadblocks

Just last week, my hometown of Detroit officially filed for bankruptcy. Although I no longer live in Detroit,…

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Riding Your Business To Success

Outside of StatupNation, my passion is for Arabian horses. Horsemanship is a fine art that requires patience and…

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Thumbs Up

The ONE Thing You Should Be Doing Differently!

If you had to start up again from the beginning, what’s the ONE thing you would do differently?…

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So What is SEO Anyway?

What is SEO? Hint – It’s not just about adding search engine optimization keywords to your Website SEO,…

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