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What Every Company Leader Should Consider

A company leader must make sure the right people are doing the right things. This requires both leadership…

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Getting Back to Basics – How to Build a High Performance Culture

After recently acquiring an import and distribution company, I have again been reminded of the incredible importance of implementing…

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Measuring Company Performance

No matter how many good people you gather, most workplace teams settle into the same old rut. Once…

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Why you should fire some customers by Lori Williams of Business Simply Put

Why You Should Fire Some Customers

This week I spoke to a new client who contacted me through the eAdvice service on my website.…

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Business Leader

False Perceptions - A Destructive Force

Strategic plans built on faulty beliefs are sure to fail. Change can occur quickly and the average lifespan…

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Core Values in Business

6 Core Values Every Startup Should Consider (Hint: Happiness Should Be One of Them)

Entrepreneurs love talking about company culture. But unlike hanging hammocks in the office or installing a two-story slide,…

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effective marketing tools

11 Tools to Automate & Streamline Your Marketing

What's the most effective marketing software your business uses? This was the question StartupNation asked of 11 successful…

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Incrrease sales

What if you are NOT a Born Salesperson?

When speaking about a person who has built a successful career in sales it is often said, "They…

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Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Made!

What is the most common mistake entrepreneurs make in the first 1-2 years of business that can easily…

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Kelsey Ramsden

What a $50 Million Mom Entrepreneur Can Teach You

Kelsey Ramsden is a force to be reckoned with! This $50M biz-starter, mother of three, and two-time #1…

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Small Business Networking

Why You Need To Develop A Peer Group

Being an entrepreneur and the leader of a small business can be a lonely experience.  I have personally…

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Business Leader

3 Critical Leadership Duties of the Small Business Owner

As the leader of a small business, you wear many hats.  There are hundreds of activities that need to…

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Customer Service

Customer Service Skills That You Need to Develop in 2014

As a business owner, there are customer service skills that every employee in your company must master if they…

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Small Business Success | Company Performance

Four Steps to Improve your Company's Performance in 2014

1. Know your Financials Companies are dynamic organizations with a myriad of business functions occurring simultaneously. In order…

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Conversion Optimization

8 Tips For Improving Your Website's Conversion Rate

An issue many business owners face is how to generate more sales. Creating great content, improving your website’s…

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