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New Video Series from StartupNation: “Small Business Braintrust”

We’ve launched a great new source of content for you at It’s called, The Small Business Braintrust(TM) and it’s been extremely well received by our audience beta testing. While the audience beta testing included only my mother, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have any special biases.

Basically, the Small Business Braintrust is a video conference call that we record and publish regularly at StartupNation going forward. It is sponsored generously by Discover. Thanks, Discover folks, for funding my extensive personal make-up and lighting budget!

It’s hosted by yours truly and includes several business experts with varying backgrounds and perspectives who shoot the breeze about hot topics impacting small business, innovation and entrepreneurship. Think “Bill Maher” applied to small business, or “The View” for small business – that’s what we’re aiming for. I call the experts “Braintrustees“. They seem to like that. Ego stroke? Maybe.

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The videos range in length from 2 minutes to 10 minutes depending upon how LONG-WINDED the experts are (difficult to get them to shut up when they’re on a roll, but working on my hosting technique).

Speaking of long-winded, Scott Gerber is our “Gen Y Guy”, and heads the Young Entrepreneur Council. Brazen, quick-witted, passionate, always interrupting, copping that Gen Y attitude… that’s Gerber.

Rieva Lesonsky is our “Resident Trendcaster”, and heads GrowBiz Media. She was the Editorial Director for Entrepreneur Magazine for a couple of decades. Widely versed on all matters entrepreneurial and is now running her own show, which makes her even sharper as an advice-giver.

Scott MacDonell is our “Marketing Maniac”, and heads up marketing for LegalZoom. You should see this guy work his desktop camera. Obviously a card carrying SAG member. But he’s definitely got substance and goes deep on marketing savvy he shares for the smallest (and biggest) businesses. Is he our only MBA? I think so. We made an exception including him.

We have other periodic guests, like Nina Rodecker, the 2010 winner of the StartupNation Leading Moms in Business competition. She runs a gourmet cotton candy company called Tasty Clouds, so we’re considering giving her the title of, “Fluffy Entrepreneur”. Still deliberating on that. And there are other guest experts you’ll run into, like a tongue-tied mobile apps expert (come on, spit it out!), or social media experts, creativity consultants, other successful entrepreneurs who’ve got an extra half-hour laying around to burn with us, and so many more in the works.

We hope you get a kick out of features like, Strategy Smackdown (hot debates on pros and cons of specific business strategies) and Key Moves (profiles of game-changing moves made by fellow entrepreneurs). We occasionally plan to release Out Take videos, too, which are a total gas.

We hope you get a kick and kickstart out of our Small Business Braintrust. It’s just one more way we’re trying to empower you to become smarter and more successful while loving the journey.

“Chief Startupologist” and “Braintrustee”

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