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Editor’s Letter

To the citizens of,

We are in the process of making some big changes at Startup Nation and I want to tell you about them.  To begin, consider an important question:

What is StartupNation?

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That is the first question I asked when I was offered the position of Managing Editor of StartupNation in January 2013.  Since taking the position, it is a question I have continued to ask and that we as a company have begun to ask in earnest.

The short answer is that StartupNation is not really a place but a state of mind.  As I have traveled the world and lived in places as far flung as Montana and Mumbai, I have seen entrepreneurship manifest itself in some pretty crazy ways.  As the proverbial makers of lemonade in a world filled with lemons, the citizens of StartupNation span geographies, backgrounds, and ways of life.  They are the mental architects of what is possible.

Being a part of StartupNation does not mean you have to live in San Francisco, or have a website with a cute URL that ends in .ly, or wear plaid.  In our stabs at answering the question I posed above, we have agreed that this small tech community within the greater startup nation has gotten a disproportionate share of attention and resources.  Without ignoring that subsection – because there is no denying its importance (how else would you Share or Tweet this page?) – we have decided that StartupNation will be a gathering place for the wider world of innovators.  The new car mechanic in town, the mom selling old clothes on Ebay from her basement, the cool food truck on campus… we cordially invite you to join us.

To serve this global nation, we are redesigning our website, whipping up a fresh brand identity, and taking a new approach to the content and tools we offer.  I would like to invite you to follow our work via our editor’s blog and to offer your input on this survey (just five questions!) or by writing to us.  Want to write for us?  Read more about that here.

Over the next few months I will be traversing the globe in search of compelling stories that will contribute to the collective knowledge of StartupNation.  I will see you on the road and on the web.


Thane Richard, Managing Editor

Thane Richard
About the Author: Thane Richard

Thane is the Managing Editor of StartupNation and believes that the best lessons in entrepreneurship come from the practitioners themselves. Instead of fast bullets and miracle drug articles, Thane looks for compelling stories that inform. Prior to StartupNation, Thane launched an independent radio venture in India, worked on a cattle ranch in Montana, and rode his bicycle from Providence to Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ThaneRichard.

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