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Creating the Ultimate Follow-up

Follow-up, the ultimate game changer We recently surveyed 3,564 of our clients and prospects and we asked them…

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How to Build a Sales Lead Funnel

Build Your Sales Funnel As marketers, most of us spend a lot of time worrying about of the…

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Best-Kept Secrets: The 5 Things That Really Keep Customers Coming Back

Use these tips to add value to your customer interactions, and you’ll be singing the loyalty song in…

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Customers are forever... not just for Christmas

  Many brands and retailers will be facing Christmas with a mixture of excitement and fear: excitement for…

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Turn Negative Nancy's Frown Upsidedown

A positive attitude is a winning attitude. So what do you do when a member of your sales…

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Sell your product to a "big box" store

How to sell your product to a "big box" store Introducing New Products Why is it that so…

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3 Reasons Your Video Marketing Efforts Are Falling Flat

Video Marketing: 3 Reasons your efforts could be failing Since Google purchased YouTube for a cool $1.65 billion…

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Business Success/Rejection

Why Entrepreneurs Should Get Used To Rejection: Coping when others say "no"

Why Entrepreneurs Should Get Used To Rejection: Coping when others say "no" The first point in an entrepreneur’s…

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Sales is the Lifeblood of a Company

Argumentatively sales is the lifeblood of a company. However, if not properly staffed and managed the sales department…

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Duct Tape

How to Become a Duct Tape Salesperson

Starting a business takes a good idea and a passion to see it through, but it also takes…

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Business Hero

5 Common Mistakes in Generating Leads

One of the most common challenges for B2B sales organizations is a lack of generating leads that are…

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Increase sales

A Sales Managers Checklist

If the company has the internal structure to provide formalized sales training (or the money to invest in…

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Team Work

How To Inspire And Grow Your Team

Small ideas can quickly snowball into lucrative ventures. You might not think it now, but your business could…

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Why you should fire some customers by Lori Williams of Business Simply Put

Why You Should Fire Some Customers

This week I spoke to a new client who contacted me through the eAdvice service on my website.…

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Closing a Deal - The Three Essential Sales Requirements

Closing a deal or getting the sale. Just saying the words excites me as I remember all of…

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